is a hiring platform for the world’s largest network of recruiters. empowers businesses to recruit specialized talent faster with virtual teams of recruiters and AI job-matching technology.

The network of over 27,000 small and independent recruiters utilize an innovative web platform, complete with AI-driven job matching, screening and video interviewing to recruit talent faster.'s Recruiters On Demand platform provides businesses of all sizes access to virtual recruiters specialized by vertical industries to source, engage, and hire talent on an as-needed basis.

Through its ownership of the industry flagship domain, the Company has built a fortified foundation that has enabled it to quickly become the top brand in the industry. is now scaling its fully owned, custom-built platform with near-term goals of reaching a $20 million revenue run rate and surpassing 30,000 recruiters in its network. Already a $148 billion industry in the US, recruiting services are expected to play a critical role as the economy begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company also uses its front-line job market data to publish its proprietary Recruiter Index Report, which has been featured on CNBC each month since its debut, and provides the potential for significant industry visibility, further strengthening the brand. Led by a team with extensive experience in recruiting, startups, and technology, combined with strong beneficial market dynamics, is poised for rapid growth moving forward.

  • Top brand in industry; disrupting traditional recruiting and staffing
    • High traffic, established web application (
    • 3M+ social media reach on LinkedIn and other platforms
    • Driving organic web traffic valued at $6.25m per month
    • Fully owned, custom-built software platform
    • Millions of dollars invested in development by tenured industry professionals
    • Proprietary Recruiter Index Report featured on CNBC

  • Massive market and demand
    • $148B market opportunity
    • Proven customer appetite for disruptive, internet-enabled solutions
  • Rapid near-term growth potential
    • Company has near-term goal of scaling revenue to $20M run rate
    • Double-digit expansion of recruiting network; expected to reach 30K+ near-term
  • Plans to uplist to major exchange
    • Improved visibility should drive increasing investor interest
    • Credibility of major exchange listing also enhances core operations
  • Highly experienced management team
    • World-class team with history of execution in recruiting, startups and technology
    • Advisory group includes David Perla, former senior exec. at; Noam Ohring, head of exec. recruiting at Bridgewater Capital; Deborah Leff, CTO Data Science at IBM’s AI Group